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Riverlane building operating system for quantum computers

December 4, 2019

Riverlane building operating system for quantum computers
But with quantum computing, the qubit (quantum bit) can be both one and zero simultaneously, which allows multiple calculations to be performed at the same time. ” Riverlane’s quantum operating system is being developed using expertise from the physics, chemistry, computer science and mathematics sectors. There’s only 50 quantum computers currently around, and it’s likely to remain a limited number,” says Dr Brierley. It’s not easy to develop quantum algorithms exploiting this power, though,” notes Dr Brierley. It’s quite difficult because if you write software for one quantum computer it won’t work on any other,” explains CEO Steve Brierley, “ Using a quantum computer based at Oxford Quantum Circuits, Riverlane is also identifying new materials and industrial processes. Chemistry is a bit of a dirty word but chemistry in everywhere, it makes things sparkle and batteries function,” says Dr Brierley.

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