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QuantumCTek goes public making investors 10 X in a single day

July 10, 2020

Yesterday saw China’s pure-play quantum computing company float on the Shanghai market, with shares increasing to almost ten times their initial value in a single day. The tenfold increase makes QuantumCTek’s $4.2bn market cap 110 times its sales for last year, and 600 times its net income.

The company aims to revolutionize Quantum Key Distribution and has more than one thousand QuantumCTek quantum secure products in the market.

The upshot of this is that Quantum products and some of the early potential commercial products are hitting the marketplace. Yes these are not quantum computers but call these products the gateway drugs to more quantum computing products and services and certainly wets the appetite for mergers and acquisitions. Could we see some of the larger tech giants such as Google, Microsoft and Amazon look to acquire quantum start-ups?

QuantumCTek‘s IPO in China was considered a major success with shares rising ten times their float price. Will such interest spur other quantum companies to hit the public markets?

Around the globe there are many companies working on QKD such as KETS in the UK who are working on single chip integrated devices. However there are many deep tech technology companies working on quantum computing, everything from algorithms to core hardware, but are not at any stage for the prime-time, but we could see them as potential acquisition targets for some of the larger tech giants who are working on quantum computing such as Honeywell, IBM, Microsoft, Google and Amazon. Our recent article gives a snapshot of five British quantum computing companies.

Investing in Quantum Computing

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to invest in Quantum Computing is via one of the larger tech players who have publicly listed shares. See our guide on how to invest in quantum computing. There is another way, for example to invest in an ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) that targets the entire sector – One such ETF is QTUM which means you don’t have to pick individual companies.

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