Quantum Computing Books

Want to find more about doing Quantum Computing and Quantum Machine Learning?

There are some fantastic books that can you understand more about the quantum world and quantum computing. Here we will highlight some of those canonical works and other assets around the internet where you can better your understanding.

Quantum Computing: A Gentle Introduction by Eleanor Rieffel is exactly what it says. A good introduction to the world of Quantum Computing concepts. Suitable for a general audience with little background in QUANTUM or computing, it remains a firm favorite for those new and as a great reference for those in the field.

Quantum Computing: A Gentle Introduction by Eleanor Rieffe

Quantum Computing for Everyone by Chris Bernhardt is an another entry into the Introduction to Quantum Computing concepts. Not yet released, it aims to be a well guided into to the myriad concepts in the Quantum computing domain and is published by the MIT press. It should be available for general release in April 2019. Chris Bernhardt is Professor of Mathematics at Fairfield University.

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The 10th edition, You’ll find this Book quoted by almost everyone. The canonical reference for much of Quantum Computing. It also is a very very large book with hundreds of pages (over 700!). You’ll find many quotes, references taken from this books from lectures and presentation. So make sure you get a copy on your desk. Nielsen and Chuang do a great job of explaining from the basics to the complex and with examples and problems, you can really grow your understanding of the field.

The Quantum Computing “Bible” by Nielsen and Chuang.

Peter Wittek’s Book is one of the first of its kind. A foray into the growing world of Quantum Machine Learning. The title: Quantum Machine Learning: What Quantum Computing Means to Data Mining provides an introduction and cookbook for those interested in exploiting the power of quantum computing for tasks that are right now considered classical machine learning. Not an easy read, but well described with plenty of explanatory power. It would help if you have experience of Quantum Computing Fundamentals.

Peter Wittek’s Intro to Quantum Machine Learning

Quantum Computing since Democritus is one of those books that you’ll definitively enjoy. It’s not text book but a explanation and intro into quantum computing, suitable for all levels. Plus it contains some philosophical arguments regarding computing and contextual and historical background to the world of computing.

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From Seth Lloyd, one of the pioneers of quantum computing. Seth works at MIT as the original quantum mechanic. This great paperback is a definitively worth a read. A short book, but a classic nonetheless. Seth is masterful with his language and ensures your reading time is rewarded. Seth Lloyd is so seminal he has quantum algorithms with his name.

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No bookshelf is complete without a least one from from David Deutsch who is a British Academic and one of the pioneers of the Quantum Revolution. Also having algorithms named after him and a reputation for literally inventing Quantum Computing. Famous also for his view on the Multi-verse, David is super interesting character who is worth reading. His books are densely packed with explanations on the origins of where Quantum effects come from and the experiments that elucidate our understanding.

The Fabric of Reality: Towards a Theory of Everything

The Beginning of Infinity: Explanations That Transform the World