Peter Wittek, one of the pioneers of Quantum Machine Learning is *still* missing

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Who is Peter Wittek?

Firstly the introduction about Peter Wittek. He is an Assistant Professor from Toronto (University of Toronto) and for the last few years he has been actively engaged in the field of “Quantum Machine Learning”. You might have heard of “Quantum and Computing” and “Machine Learning”, but not the amalgam term of QML (Quantum Machine Learning). A pioneer in this nascent field who has published with luminaries such as Seth Lloyd, Peter has made an invaluable contribution to the Quantum space and even has his own Online Course dedicated to machine learning, which is open to all.

Peter Wittek. Professor at U o T in Canada

Why is he still missing?

One of Peter’s hobbies is mountaineering. About one week ago on the 29th September 2019 an avalanche hit the camp where Peter was staying on Thrishul mountain. The Hungarian mountaineer (and Quantum scientist) is presumed missing on Trishul mountain in the Himalayas. The rest of his camp made it down to safety but no word as yet from Peter.

“The agency coordinating the expedition informed us today that a Hungarian mountaineer Peter Wittek has gone missing in Mount Trishul area from Camp 2. A six member team had gone for the mountaineering expedition to Mount Trishul area. But one member of the team has gone missing. The rest of the five members are also searching their missing member”

Hindustan times

A search party is still out looking for him. But as yet no sign. His brother does confirm that Peter is a trained mountaineer and he remains hopeful that he will be found.

The search is on – what can you do?