Microsoft Collaborates With Rigetti To Offer Quantum Computer As A Cloud Service on Azure

Microsoft Collaborates With Rigetti To Offer Quantum Computer As A Cloud Service On Azure

As quantum computing gains more interest, there is also an increase in the demand for quantum computers. It is only a matter of time before big companies begin to offer their own quantum computers to clients. Microsoft has recently announced that it will be bringing the Rigetti superconducting quantum computer to its Azure cloud computing platform as a service.

“We’re excited to bring the speed and scale of Rigetti quantum computers to the Azure Quantum marketplace,” “Microsoft has fostered an impressive community of quantum developers and researchers. Together, we can power a new generation of algorithms that chart the path toward quantum advantage.“

Taryn Naidu, chief operating officer of Rigetti.

The company announced that it is growing its partnership with Rigetti Computing to bring a cloud-accessible version of superconducting quantum computers to its Azure cloud computing service, in a move that will allow researchers and developers to easily run applications on the technology.

Microsoft is working on integrating the Rigetti quantum computer into its Azure cloud computing platform. Microsoft will offer access to a pre-commercial version of the technology through its Azure cloud computing service. The technology is expected to be available to users by 2022.

The partnership would allow Microsoft to provide customers with an easy way to experiment with the technology without investing millions of dollars in hardware and scientific expertise. 

Quantum computers are still a burgeoning technology, and it’s unclear whether they will be able to realize their full potential as they grow more powerful. But Microsoft believes that integrating them into Azure will help bring them closer to reality. Microsoft has already been working on its own quantum computing hardware and software, but the company sees potential in having more than one option available.

Rigetti Computing is a Berkeley-based quantum computing company that is building powerful quantum computers using superconducting circuits to create qubits—the basic unit of quantum computing. Quantum computers built with this architecture are more compact, accessible, and flexible than other commercial systems. They offer significant advantages for executing algorithms at scale.

“Rigetti’s scalable approach to superconducting quantum computers will create new opportunities for the Azure Quantum development community,” “We’re working closely with Rigetti to deliver hybrid quantum-classical computing with the performance to tackle problems that were previously out of reach.”

Krysta Svore, General Manager of Microsoft Quantum.

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