Quantum Investment

Investing in the Chinese Quantum Computing revolution with Alibaba and Baidu Stock

August 8, 2020

Many of the announcement of ground breaking quantum computing technology are seemingly emerging from US based companies such as Google, Amazon etc and unlisted companies. However there are other countries that are also investing in the Quantum space – some of these are in China.

Many technology companies are investing in Quantum Computing and this provides an entry point for many retail investors to get involved in the Quantum area. We will look at two companies in more detail that are involved in the Chinese Quantum space: Alibaba and Baidu. We have outlined the Chinese Quantum landscape and what the US government may do and whether perceived threats of Chinese technology will result in more funds flowing into the Quantum space. We have also covered US based public Quantum Computing stocks and 5 Chinese based companies involved in the Quantum space, but here we just highlight two of the main players: Alibaba (the Amazon of China) and Baidu (the Google of China).


The “Amazon” of the Chinese world, the company founded by school teacher Jack Ma, has almost a cult like following in the business world. The company has interests in many areas from payment solutions to as you would might expect for a company worth over $700 Billion: Quantum computing.

Alibaba back in 2018 launched its cloud service subsidiary Aliyun (“Alibaba Cloud”) with Quantum Computing. The Chinese Academy of Sciences and Alibaba jointly launched an 11-qubit quantum computing service which is available to all. Much like Amazon and its web service AWS, Alibaba is a big provider of cloud services, so it makes perfect sense that it expands it’s market into the quantum computing space. However Quantum developments date back to 2015 when Aliyun and the Chinese Academy of Science jointly co-created the Alibaba Quantum Laboratory or AQL.


Another large Chinese tech player, Baidu as you would naturally expect is working on Quantum Computing. Since 2018 the company famous for its search engine has been steadily improving its quantum research prowess. Baidu appear to focused on their Machine Learning abilities with the result they launched a Quantum Machine Learning equivalent.

Baidu’s Paddle Quantum is developed based on Baidu’s deep learning platform PaddlePaddle, which has become the first and unique deep learning platform in China that supports quantum machine learning. Much like other companies such as Xanadu, Baidu’s Paddle offers researchers the ability to run QML (Quantum Machine Learning) algorithms alongside the suite of traditional quantum computing tools such as quantum chemical simulation, and quantum combinatorics optimization. The purported ease of use, allows users to build a simple quantum neural network or create their models following from template quantum machine learning cases.

Baidu has no active involvement in producing quantum hardware, but it partners with researchers in the field (leading universities and institutes).

Chinese Technology CompanyInvolved in Quantum ComputingQuantum DevelopmentsFurther Details
Alibaba QuantumYesBuilt their own Quantum Computer. Back in 2018 – 11 qubits. Built Aliyun Quantum Computing Cloud PlatformAlibaba
BaiduYesThe mission at Baidu Research is to be a world-class Quantum Artificial IntelligenceBaidu
YesHiQ quantum computing simulator cloud serviceHuawei
YesCurrently building a Quantum cloud and building competence in Quantum Chemistry.Tencent
YesQuantum encryption systemsZTE