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How much would you have made if you invested 1000$ in Quantum ETF QTUM one year ago

June 23, 2020

We have written about quantum computing as an investment possibility and the public companies that are investing and building research and development in Quantum Computing. Companies such as Microsoft and IBM are heavily invested and for many this is the only way to invest in the Quantum sector. However there is another way – the QTUM fund which puts together many companies allied to quantum computing into one fund. We looked at the performance of the fund over the last year.

If we look at one year’s performance we can see that we have a strong gain of around 30%. Which means that you could be sitting on a profit of $300 if you had invested $1000 into QTUM giving you $1300 in total. Even though in that time there has been the covid crisis.

As the tracker holds many technology stocks, you’d expect that it pretty much tracks the market or more specifically indexes such as the NASDAQ. Looking at the same period with a standard tracker of the NASDAQ 100 shares such as QQQ from Invesco we can see below.

Basically for the same period investing in the top 100 NASDAQ shares would have gotten you a return of 31% which would mean a total return of $1310 from an initial investment of $1000. So we can see the returns are pretty much the same only slightly better. One of the reasons behind this is likely the fact that here are very few quantum companies actually in the QTUM tracker. In fact in the top 10 holdings, none are explicitly related to quantum computing.

How to invest in Quantum Computing

If you want to explore further, we have an article on Public companies that are easy to invest in which are themselves investing and working on quantum computing.


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