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Google Says It Has Achieved Quantum Supremacy

November 25, 2019

Google Says It Has Achieved Quantum Supremacy
This Friday, June 16, 2017, file photo shows the Google logo at a gadgets show in Paris. The milestone, known as quantum supremacy, represents a long-sought-after stride towards realizing the immense promise of quantum computers. The engineering here is just phenomenal,” said Peter Knight, a physicist at Imperial College London, in New Scientist. 34 SHARES Share Tweet Share Google says it has achieved quantum supremacy, a breakthrough in computing research that some scientists compare to the Wright brothers’ first plane flight. “One day, researchers believe, these devices could power advances in artificial intelligence or easily overwhelm the encryption that protects computers vital to national security. With Google claiming quantum supremacy, now’s a good time to brush up on how a quantum computer works and why it’s so powerful. IBM, which also operated a supercomputer, is disputing Google’s claims.

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