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Enjoy lock-down with some Quantum Inspired Beer

April 10, 2020

Bored on the corona virus lock-down? We found some of Brewdog’s beer in our office. How on earth did that happen? One of the beers (or stouts) that we were all keen to try was the Paradox Grain Schrodinger’s Stout from Brewdog Brewery. Attracted by the name and the fact I love a good dark stout now and again.

Brewdog’s Quantum Inspired Beer. Not sure it helps with understanding, but it sure makes for an enjoyable time in lock-down wherever you are.

I’m not sure drinking the beer will open your mind up to any other universes or a greater understanding of Quantum physics, but we did enjoy it (many times over). Perhaps couple a few beers at the desk, learning some quantum computing with one of the great Quantum Books out there or with Brilliant’s course on Quantum Computing.

You can check out the Quantum inspired Beer offering over at BrewDog. They have plenty of other beers and beverages too – not just with quirky Quantum inspired names. Most famous for Punk IPA, the brewery often provides a backdrop for many QZ meetings for beer and pizza.