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Elon Musk on Quantum Mechanics

October 25, 2020

We have always wondered when Elon Musk will get into the Quantum space. Elon, famous for Tesla and Space-X has quite a few interests that also cover solar and neural interests. However there is no sign that a Quantum Computing will emerge from Elon’s very innovative garage. We thought we’d take a look at what Elon Musk thinks about Quantum Mechanics.

What Elon says in his tweet is that last year about quantum mechanics in 2019 is that basically he was wowed by the area. So far there has not even been the slightest speculation that Elon might be interested in building a Quantum Computing company. But knowing Elon, not personally, we think it must have at least crossed his mind, because if Quantum Computing can deliver purported benefits then this can help accelerate progress in his other companies. Imagine being able to speed up materials development for Space-X for example?

Perhaps someone will reach out to Elon and ask him to co-found a Quantum Company or he might get involved by investing into an existing Quantum Computing Company.

Quantum Mechanics was harder than all my other courses combined, but so incredible.

Elon musk on quantum computing

Elon also pointed out that understanding of Quantum Mechanics puts a dampener on potentially understanding other civilizations such as the SETI quest for searching for extraterrestrial intelligence.

We also learn that Elon has a cat named Schrodinger! We think its only a matter of time before Elon decides to jump into the Quantum space. After all, since he sold PayPal, he’s been unable to stop entering new technological spaces from EV’s, Solar, and even communication with the Brain with Neuralink.