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New Quantum book inspired by Dungeons and Dragons: “Dungeons and Qubits” helps readers learn Quantum Computing and Qiskit

We love initiatives to help people learn quantum computing and quantum computing coding. The latest initiative from Brian Siegelwax is a very different beast from the standard Quantum Computing textbook. The book originated from a conversation Brian had with a colleague about how to create a new Quantum Computing book that wasn’t a total yawn.

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Chinese up the game in race for useable Quantum Computers. Device sports 62 qubits

As the international pace for innovation continues towards large scale Quantum Computers, a recent announcement from China has demonstrated at 62 qubit programmable quantum computer. It is claimed that the computer uses the largest number of qubits built using superconducting technology currently in existance. The quantum computer is named Zu Chongzhi after the famous 5th century Chinese mathematician and astronomer.

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Articles on Quantum Computing

New Finnish Quantum Institute launches InstituteQ to collaborate across research centres

Finland has announced that it has launched a new institute named InstituteQ with the aim of collaborating on all things quantum. The The Finnish Quantum Institute will bring together expertise in research and development, education, and innovation to further Finlands quantum technology research. The University of Helsinki, Aalto University and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland are involved.

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Cambridge Quantum Computing demonstrates Quantum Machine Learning Methods for Reasoning

One of the exciting areas lighting up the world of quantum computing is that of Quantum Machine Learning. With the massive interest in classical machine learning which has affected all areas of our lives and threatens even more disruption such as self driving cars and automation beyond imagination, is it no wonder that researchers look to utilise the inherent power of Quantum Computing to drive innovation in Reasoning. The announcement from CQC (Cambridge Quantum Computing) highlights how quantum machine can learn to infer hidden information from very general probabilistic reasoning models.

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