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Amazon decides to build its own Quantum Computer

Since we covered the AWS (Amazon Web Services) service that enables quantum hardware on Amazons cloud platform (bra-ket) which employs third party hardware, it seems Amazon is keen to actually build its own quantum computing hardware. Many might argue it was only a matter of time, as Amazon has past experience of looking at trends and acting on them. It uses data heavily and mines for trends and opportunities. So if Amazon is interested in building a Quantum Computer this is good news, it has obviously seen some clear advantages of building its own devices.

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As tech booms, are we in a Quantum Bubble?

Are we reliving the dot-com boom of the late 90’s which ended up seeing the downfall of a number of fledgling companies such as Out of that wreckage we saw plenty of wealth creation with companies such as Amazon and Google that have continued to innovate and provide many of the services we use today. Are we now facing the same issue of heady tech company valuations that are bleeding over into the Quantum Technology sector?

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