British Quantum Startup PsiQ moves to Silicon Valley

It seems another shock to the UK quantum fabric as the British based company researching photon quantum systems has decided to move to the US.

After creating their light based qubit, they are intending to accelerate their process in Silicon valley and potentially scale up the technology to more qubits. The aim is to create a general purpose quantum computing device that can rival existing machines for their simplicity and ease of use.

Mr Rudolph and Mr O’Brien are the founders who will move to SV to take advantage of the talent and opportunity that SV can provide (especially in the scope of funding) even though the government in the UK has committed to spending £150M on Quantum Applications.

Theresa May pledged £150m specifically to help develop commercial applications for quantum computing

Clearly the UK must do more to hold onto great companies with promise. Difficult because the ecosystem is very different and we do not have the same eco-systems – especially with funding and venture capital.

What should the UK do to help retain companies like PsiQ?