Alan Turing: the father of modern computing, to appear on British Banknote

For anyone who shells out £50, they’ll be able to have a Bank of England issued bank note with one of the most famous faces of the modern computing era on it. That face is Alan Turing.

Alan Turing gave us the world of modern computing and even AI and his accomplishments in the second world war will perhaps never be fully realised. For anyone interested in History, his name is synonymous with Bletchley park and the work of the code breakers in cracking the German enigma code.

The latest version of the UK’s highest-denomination banknote (£50) is expected to enter circulation in 2021. Whether this will be a collectors item or not is not yet known, but we suspect it will be a framed favourite for many tech nerds.

The Bank of England (BoE) governor Mark Carney selected Turing from a shortlist of 12 figures after more than thousands of suggestions of famous British figures were made by the general public. 

Some key and fund details of the print

  • A photo of Turing taken by Elliott and Fry in 1951
  • Ticker tape depicting Alan Turing’s birth date (23 June 1912) in binary code.